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Can you really change your career path after 50?

May 4, 2021

Can you really change your career path after 50?

International flight attendant, Sarah Kingsley (not her real name), flew for Qantas for over 25 years, working in Business class and flying regularly to New York. Sarah knew many regular passengers by name and remembered their favourite drinks. Then Covid hit. For Sarah and thousands of other airline workers, the high life was over. Sarah was stood down with no guarantee of when or if she would fly again. However, rather than falling into a hole of disappointment, Sally saw it as an opportunity to change her career path. Sarah embarked on a yoga training course and is on her way to becoming a full-time yoga teacher. Sarah recently celebrated her 50th birthday, full of hope and looking forward to the future. Changing your career path over 50 can be exciting but it isn’t always as straight forward as Sarah’s experience. Here are some steps you can take to find a job you love.

Career change after 50 – know yourself

There’s no point learning to be a skydiving instructor if you are afraid of heights. Explore your personality. What makes you happy? Do you prefer working around animals or people? This information is key to making good career decisions.

Career change after 50 – take time to think

Chances are you’ve had little free time or the inclination over the last few decades to take stock of your life. To avoid the “I wish I had or had not…” syndrome that happens to so many older people, take time now to determine what you want to do with your years ahead.

Career change after 50 – seek professional help

Career advisers, also known as career counsellors, coaches or practitioners, can help find a career that suits your skills. There are professional associations for career advisers in Australia. The Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) is the largest association of qualified career advisers. CDAA members work in various locations, including government agencies and private practices.

Career change after 50 – it’s not all about the money

You still need a decent income to afford life’s necessities and luxuries. But it’s also important to focus on personal satisfaction, developing your talents and contributing to society. If you want a job as a vet assistant, volunteering in an animal shelter is a great way to contribute to the community and will enhance your job prospects.

Career change after 50 – update your CV

When was the last time you updated your resume? The last thing you want is for your CV to make you look dated. If you’re considering switching career paths, tailor your CV for your new career. Consider seeking the services of a professional resume writer and ask to see examples of their work.

Career change after 50 – start or buy a business

While being your own boss might seem appealing, starting your own business or buying an existing one will require you to have the know-how to build and maintain a business. If your background isn’t in business, you may need to consider retraining with a small business course to acquire the necessary skills.

Career change after 50 – Smarter Financial & Insurance Solutions

Just as you’re never too old to change your career path, it’s never too late to grow your super and boost your retirement savings. Our experienced team at Smarter Financial & Insurance Solutions in Port Macquarie are the retirement planning experts. For enquiries, get in touch with us today on 02 6584 2166. 


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